Search Methodology

It is my responsibility to present candidates whose capabilities and backgrounds have been thoroughly evaluated, who conform to the expectations and requirements of the position and the company, and who can be attracted for the compensation and position being offered. To accomplish this, I apply the following rigorous search methodology to every assignment.

I will meet personally with you and invest the time is necessary to develop a thorough understanding of your company, objectives of the search and requirements of the position. I want to understand your culture, your style of leadership and the characteristics of executives who succeed in your organization, and to serve as the most effective advocate for you and your company.

I will develop for your review and approval detailed Position Specifications describing my understanding of the purpose of the search, responsibilities of the position and candidate requirements. These “specs” will be used in discussions with potential candidates and sources, and must accurately reflect both the nature of the opportunity and the candidate experience required.

Utilizing both internal and third-party resources, I will identify prospective candidates. During the course of the search, I will also contact consultants and CXO executives for referrals. It is common to make over 150 contacts in the course of identifying 4 to 6 qualified candidates.

When I am prepared to present a candidate, I will provide you with the candidates’ chronological resume and a Candidate Report that provides amplification on the career history, impressions of strengths and weaknesses, and commentary on any factors that might affect their qualifications and recruitability.

I will conduct or assist you in conducting reference checks of serious candidates, speaking directly with individuals in a position to evaluate the candidate’s performance on the job, comment on management style and confirm positions held. Where possible, I will expand the reference list to include colleagues, superiors and subordinates not provided by the candidate.

I will continue to work closely with you until the desired candidate has accepted your offer and is on the job. I will typically follow-up with the successful candidate within the first 90 days to discuss any issues that may affect potential performance and satisfaction, and provide you with any observations that might be helpful.

During the search, you may expect …

frank and informed counsel concerning issues that might be affecting the search such as compensation, reporting relationship, position “requirements” and client reputation;

frequent communication with you to keep the search moving and with candidates to keep them engaged;

complete comprehension of your unique requirements and expectations, and thorough and objective screening of candidates for both competence and fit.

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