Jack Groban and Associates works exclusively on a retained basis. As such, the professional fee is billed during the engagement for effort expended, and is not contingent upon placement.

The professional fee can, by mutual agreement, be computed either as one-third of candidate compensation (actual base salary, agreed-upon estimate of bonus, and signing bonus if applicable), or a fixed project fee.

The fee is billed in three equal installments. The first billing is submitted when the search commences and is payable as a non-refundable retainer. The second and third billings are issued at the end of thirty and sixty days respectively.

Expenses incurred on the client's behalf are separately reimbursable. "Expenses" included communication charges; meals necessitated by interview schedule; travel and videoconferencing for candidates and consultant; and third-party research and database services.

Placements are guaranteed for one year. If the successful candidate resigns or is terminated for any reason other than reorganization, merger or change of responsibilities, we will conduct a search for a replacement candidate on an expenses-only basis.

The client may cancel the search at their discretion. Beyond the first 30 days, the fee is prorated.


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